One-stop Solution for Food & Beverage

R&D formulation, manufacturing, and packaging.

Farmers River International Sdn. Bhd. specialises in manufacturing food & beverages products in flexible packaging.

These specialities enable it to offer OEM (original equipment manufacturer) / contract manufacturing service with a private label to suit clients’ requirements.

Our Home Grown Brands

The company also nurtures its in-house labels, -Masterchef®, the healthy oat based delicacies, & Dejabrew®, the rich coffee blends indulgence. The product line varies from quick-cooking cereals, instant pre-mixes, ready-to-eat snacks, and a variety of food and beverages manufactures.

These brands reflects the true taste of natural produce, boasting flavours extracted from selected high-quality ingredients.

Our Services

Research & Development

Products Customization

Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)

Import and Export

Sourcing of Raw Materials


Storage & Distribution

Halal Certification

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